What Do Students Say About Dr. C. Nicole Henderson?

My relationship with Dr. Henderson began in 2009 when I was a sophomore in high school and accepted in the TRIO Upward Bound program. Her tenacity and true dedication to the well-being of all her students is most certainly rare to come by. Dr. Henderson personally poured into me and my college endeavors just as if I was one of her very own biological children. Dr. Henderson has made an ever-lasting impact on my life that I truly cannot thank her enough for. From reading over college essays, applying for scholarships, sending me to ACT prep classes, and putting together college tours—she has always gone the extra mile for every student that she takes under her wing. It really meant a lot to me that Dr. Henderson was so engaged in ensuring the success of my future beyond high school and my journey to obtain my college degree.

I would not have been able to successfully navigate the strenuous journey and stress of the college application & preparation process without Dr. Henderson— and for that I will always be extremely grateful for her unparalleled presence in my life.
— Lashay S., Spelman College '15

I had the pleasure of working with and learning incredible things from Dr. Henderson throughout high school that prepared me for college. Those lessons stick with me today and helped me get into, succeed and graduate college with multiple degrees and certifications as well as scholarships! Forever grateful for having her!
— Jasmine T., Penn State '16

Dr. Henderson continued to be a supportive mentor as I entered adulthood. I am excited to see what the Dr. C. Nicole Henderson Consulting organization has in store for the youth and their future.
— Caroline M., Slippery Rock University '17

I learned more about college than I would have ever been able to on my own, thanks to my Upward Bound experience. Like most of my UB peers, I was the first in my family to pursue higher education. Mrs. Henderson and the wonderful UB coordinators shared with me so much valuable insight on the college experience that I know for sure is what gave me the comfort and proper mind-set going in. I am humbled by the hard work and gracious effort that was put into my success as not only a student, but as a man of great character. Thank you endlessly, Mrs. Henderson.
— Hector A.

During my last year, Dr. Henderson helped me decide what college to attend and finding my career path. I have my bachelors in Social Work and I currently work with Central Behavioral Health as a Case Manager. Upward Bound taught me a lot of great skills that I utilize with all my work experience.
— Tashay G., Kutztown University '16

I knew that I wanted to go to college, but I didn’t really have any clue about applying to college or how to succeed as a college student. Dr. Henderson’s program taught me about the college application process, financial aid and how to apply for scholarships, and good study habits. I absolutely give credit to Dr. Henderson.
— Julian J., University of Delaware '17 Dean's List '17

Mrs. Henderson and the Upward Bound program helped shape me into the person I am today. Through example she showed me exactly the type of leader that can inspire the people that they work with and get them to reach their full potential. Anytime I’m in a position of leadership I use the skills I learned from her to guide my decisions and lead my group to the greatest outcome. The program as a whole helped me throughout my high school career by making sure that I learned the best habits for taking care of my school work and acted as guidance for the times that I didn’t reach my full potential. As a result, when it comes to my ongoing college education, I learned the things that could mess me up and I can avoid them as a result of my time with Upward Bound.
— Kristopher H.

Dr. Henderson has been a great person in my life growing up. She showed me true compassion and love. She truely loved our bad butts. I remember her telling me that I can do anything and be anything if I put my mind to it. That was refreshing because all during my elementary days I was told I wasn’t going to be nothing or go to college. She believed in me and she was the first mentor to own one of my paintings. I finished college with a bachelor of Fine Arts, am a great husband, have a good job, and I am a vessel for hope to the young generation here in Frisco, TX thanks to Dr. Henderson.
— Chris Y., University of Arkansas '10

Dr. Henderson is truly an amazing woman! She chose a group of kids and set forward a path to get these kids in the direction of accomplishing their academic goals and choosing a college after high school. The group of kids, then became a family. They pushed each other, gave endless amounts of support, and celebrated each other’s victories. I know this, because I was lucky enough to be one of those kids. She helped me flourish into the woman that I am today. Without Dr. Henderson, I truly don’t know where I would be now. I always had the mindset of going to college. With the assistance from her and the Upward Bound program, they allowed me to have both the resources and a sense of direction. This allowed me to visit different colleges I was interested, find a college that was a right fit for me, and also gave me a support system.
— Destiny W., Indiana University of Pennsylvania '16

When I was just starting high school, I didn’t have a clue about how I was going to make it through the four years and make it to college. The thought of it seemed so surreal and almost impossible. Before meeting Dr. Henderson, I didn’t have any idea on what college was like or even how to prepare for it. I didn’t even know about SATs and ACTs. I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Henderson and joined the Upward Bound Program. Because of Dr. Henderson and the Upward Bound Program, we all made it to college! Dr. Henderson invested so much time into helping me and I couldn’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me and the other students.
— Korey G., Penn State