Competitive Edge College Planning Programs

(Grades 8-12)


Early start Consulting

Beginning as early as 8th grade, students meet bi-monthly to plan their academic journey. Students receive advice and coaching on how to get the most out of high school and preliminary discussions on criteria for college selection. Includes a review of academic record and accomplishments, guidance on course selection, suggestions on summer activities, extracurricular programs, and testing discussions.

College Strategy Consulting

Students meet with Dr. C. Nicole Henderson monthly to plan a personalized educational-college admissions plan which includes: timeline development, developing a competitive application package, SAT/ACT advice & planning, preparing a financial aid plan, planning college visits, acceptance review and final selection.

Cutting Edge Consulting

This is an intensive version of the College Strategy Consulting, with weekly meetings with Dr. C. Nicole Henderson and frequent individual coaching and diagnostics. Due to Dr. Henderson's commitment to her students and providing premium service, this service has limited availability. 

Customized Hourly Consultation 

Dr. C. Nicole Henderson is available for hourly consultation services and offers focused information and advice about college related topics. You can choose the topic when setting up the session.